App Reviews in Makeroid Store

Hey @Kodular I have published two apps and I have got some ratings. But I am not getting the reviews. Please help.

I posted this is another category but I did not get any reply. So I posted it once again in the Discuss category. Please delete the other post.

I deleted the other topic now.
But next time wait for a answer and dont create new topics about the same thing…


I will add the latest 3 reviews to the public page and a list of all reviews on the update page

You said you will add What’s New Textbox For Updating App on Makeroid store have you added @Sander

Hey @Sander Thanks a lot for adding the reviews. But it would be better (I think) If you restrict rating only if the customer gives feedback or review. Please tell me if this idea is Okay.

Thanks again.

No. It also needs to be possible to give only stars


Okay @Sander I understand.
But can you make such that the developers (app publishers) can see who rates?
This may help developers to improve by contacting them by some means.

You can’t do that on Google Play.

Always remember that Makeroid is better than Google Play Store.
I hope @Sander looks into this matter