App stuck on screen1 splash screen on some devices

Hello I made an app named #KFC. I asked some peoples to test my app and when they install my app It stuck on screen1 which is an splash screen. but the problem is not only this, actually my app stuck on only some devices some of the devices run the app properly without any problem.
I supposed that may be the problem is in the phones. but when I export the apk again without making any changes that time app runs properly. and same time problem with other device. even same model and same company phones and same android version I used but the result was, In one mobile working and other mobile not total around 30+ people tested my apk in which 10+ facing this problem.

I am using firebase db in this project.

Can anybody check my screen1 and kindly tell me what mistake I did in my project. I will be very thankful. I wasted my 4 months in this app and now its not working properly. :pensive:
kill4cash_final_Screen1.ais (701 Bytes)


Always add something in your “About Screen” Property

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This doesn’t contain any screen files

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Never filled in anything in any of my apps, so ??


Sorry @Boban I dont know why but I export screen properly. And again I export and try myself its not working as a screen… If you dont mind can you please have a look on aia ?

The question was not for me but I have seen others topics with app crashing because some properties of design were empty and the crash stopped after putting some text in that propetry…
by the way, I almost sure that it was you the one giving the tip to add some text in the About Screen
May be I am crazy but I think you forgot your own tip :sweat_smile:

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Sure post it in Pm

You should check that topic again…

About Screen ≠ About Screen Title

My app keep crashing when i open the app - #57 by Boban


I sent you the aia

I’ll take a look at it soon

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ok thank you

Anybody can help?

Upload your aia here for help.

check for empty blocks and free roaming blocks

check for empty feids in the properties of each and every screen after screen 1

Can u show me the example of roaming blocks

wait a sec…

Ok… thank you for replying

The blocks which have no use or empty blocks

I already checked every screen … no empty blocks was there… can you please check my aia. I will send you aia

Hello, any issue you found ?

PM Me… The aia