App taking alot of time to load content

Here is dr vet i have converted music app into pdf book app due to its amaizing layout… Right now im facing two problem

  1. Search bar pproblem
  2. Content taking alot of time to load

Content is linked with airtable… And books link are provided from drive

I want that when ever new user install the app it take 30 sec to load alll content for one time only after then when ever he open app no need to load that content

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Make a loading system and fix some blocks so that it would look better

When airtable content is loaded you can dismiss the loading

Tip ~ you can use overlay extension for a better loading screen


It is possible but you have to setup else if
And in that if the data is stored load it directly
But for that you would have to save the data loaded before

Download the data for the first time and save it, but remember that you have to update the data every time you add a new book