App to print in a Label Thermal Printer


I need to make an app that I can send to print to a thermal label printer.

Someone who has knowledge. Use it ESC / POS commands.

I have an extension to send prints to thermal printers. But the ones that are for labels have another format and commands and that is what I do not know.

The printer is an Xprinter type, with bluetooth functionality


I have the same problem, because to print labels, the language used in printers is TSLP. I’ve already requested it here but still haven’t got a return. My printer is a POS 9210L. I achieved SDK Kit and also the TSLP mode programming language available PDF,as it was provided to me by the printer manufacturer. My idea would also be to create my apk and make my own screens and print.

This extension suggested by my colleague, is very good, but it only runs ESC/POS, it lacked the inclusion of TSPL, which is our case.

Please someone help us…

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