App Update Error in Google Play


I am facing a huge problem in case of updating my App. Firstly I would like to inform you that my app was made exclusively from Makeroid (Now it is Kodular). I have neither imported any .AIA nor anything.
But today when I went to my Play Console to release an update to my app it showed SHA-1 certificate mismatch.

I have updated my app earlier. Then there was no problem.

I am requesting you all to help me out.

Silly me… I forgot we weren’t allowed to mention people in the first post, isn’t that funny? It’s actually a Keystore issue.

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What is the solution, sir? Please tell me a way.

Did you have deleted the keystore or you are creating an project using .aia?

As I already said I never imported .aia.

what about this? and have you imported other keystore during the creation of this project?

I think yes.

Reference: App Signing problem for a newly coded app

I had another typ of problem in playstore for another app. So I was advised to delete keystone by @Boban. And it was a perfect solution for then.

I have a good number of regular user in this app (for which the present post is created).

sorry, i can’t help you with this.

Why dont you read what the error message tells you?
Your apk which you try to upload have not the same keystore like the app from you that is already at store.

Import to your project (aia) the before used keystore…

And next time search in the community…
There exist already many orher topics about the same problem because nobody of you can correct read…