App Update Issue

Recently facing issue with app update
when i publish new version on play store previous old app (installed from play store) force user to update app but when it redirect to play store instead of showing UPDATE btn it always showing OPEN btn.
when press open btn it again opens old app and force again to update and user got stuck in the same state even after waiting 2 or 3 days after app publish.
provide solution
for reference images attached

Does your update is approved or not? If yes than don’t worry because it happend many times try by clearing cache of Playstore or wait for some hours or days. If your update is not approved than you have to wait until it’s approved and live on playstore. I said update approved not app approved

Yes app approved from play store. after approval still issue is coming even after 3 to 4 days.
issue is coming only for this particular app for other app it works properly.
may be issue is due to matching version codes.

Yaa Sometimes it get that issue
Don’t try direct by the link
Go to manually
Search your app on playstore and then check it is showing or not ?

Go to App Info and Check the version it is updated or not

version code is incremented,
play store not accept if previous and new app code is same.
i tried by manually searching still it shows OPEN instead of update

Let Me Ask A Question

The App which you have already Installed in your device, is you downloaded from playstore or Exported from Kodular ?

Is Update Approved not App ?

And what is the current version of app after updated of your aia

Already installed app is from play store with version 17
new version uploaded is 18 and its approved. before 3 days

Current Version on Google Play :

v1.6 Release Date:

So how it suppose to show you an update when it’s not really available?

As I can see, all these screenshots are taken today. Also, Google Play is showing v1.8 today. Therefore it seems that you’ve opened this topic before v1.8 get published on production.

Just uploading an update to Googe Play does not mean it will be published right away. Team checks all the updates before rolling out. Hope it helps.