App update rejected from play store

Hi friends, now I am in an issue, please help me. My problem was that ,I made a news app and publish in play store. Now I have 1000+ installs. But before 1 month they ask me that “your app is news app or not and if your app is news app then say how providing the news”, I reply that my app is news app and say how app providing news. Yesterday I got an email from play console that, my app is rejected due to the policy issue and they said that “this app does not contain a website or in-app page that provides valid contact information for the news publisher” so I can’t give next update of app and they give two screenshot. first is google play issue and second is

,the second image I already put as my app screenshot in play store. Please help me for solving the issue, advancely sorry for my bad English. Thanks.

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Could you fix this??

well, what about setting up a website then to provide some contact information?


If you are creating a news app, have a website where a terms and Condition and privacy policy will be displayed too.

No, I not fixed it yet :disappointed:

Now I am trying to create a website, but I have one doubt that, if I create a website, only the privacy policy and terms and condition only sufficient, or should I want to create a website similar to application?

Thanks for your reply.

No you don’t. Just use the website as a content linking to play store where you can download the app.

Also, the website should contain the privacy policy of the app. Here’s an example of what you could do: