App Updated in playstore but Update button is invisible

Today’s im update my app in playstore and its Updated few hours ago ,Now when im try to update my app in playstore then there are Update button is invisible!

Note: i am installed my older version app in Kodular campaign, becz i implement ads on my app that’s way i changed it test mode and installed on my phone.

Check Play Console that the updated version is live or not.
It usually takes 3 hrs or more for updates to get live.

Check version code on play store in app description. To confirm which version is live on the store.

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Yes it happens sometimes when u newly update your app on play store.
This happens because of caching system of play store.

You try this way :point_down:. It will definitely work
First go to ur app page and then click your developer name (under the app name) then select your app again. You’ll see update button. If still not visible then do that same 2-3 time , click developer name then select app.

This is what is do also :laughing:


no i will try many way it’s not visible,i think i download my app on kodular campaign app that’s way im not downloaded in Playstore so playstore not registered my download.i think app user can see the button

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My app fully updated then i will face this issue and posted…thanks for replied

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Clear cache of playstore then check again after sometime