App working on mobile device but not on Tablet

Hello Koders,
i have created an app for booking sending data to airtable to create a sheet and everything,s working great
sending and fetching data from my mobile phone , i optimized the design to appear good with tablet now installed apk on TabE and the app run smoothly and good but i cannot send or fetch data from airtable, checked the android version both app and tablet have version 4.4.4 what could be the problem please any help ?

Do you get any error while performing this in tablet?

no, no error message only not acting and sending or receiving. want me to provide aia file ?

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You are right it’s not gonna work

As I tried a KitKat 4.4.4 emulator and it doesn’t support airtable component in it too…

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But according to Kodular Docs the minimum requirement is KitKat 4.4.4 :point_down:, so I think it should support

Also it working on @dalank’s mobile device which I think also has KitKat as android version

@dalank Make sure no row in your database is blank

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You may be right but I tried it on Bluestacks KitKat

Download:- BlueStacks App Player SuperUser BSEasy(Noobs Villa)

May be I am wrong but you should try :slight_smile:

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no blanc rows and still getting and fetching data with mobile but not on tablet :frowning:

Can you show your blocks and snapshot of of your database?

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Can you provide a video of your app on your tablet? And provide the apk of your app… so someone may try it on his/her tablet to verify whether it’s your tablet problem or not

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i can provide aia file if that helps ?

Apk would be better

Booking.apk (5.6 MB)

it looks like you are not familiar with the mutator?


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could you solve the problem? I have the same problem.