App works fine in Companion but Crashing After Export. ( Video Provided of problem )

Hello DEV’s.
As i got solution of many problems of mine in this forum and i help some peoples too.
So , need help of yours in this problem too.

When i use my project in companion then there is no problem in it. means it works fine.

but, when i Export it in my computer and open it in Phone then it goes like this.

What is the exact problem.
At first i thought it is clock who creates problem. so i removed it from my Opening Screen and replace timer to " Get Started " button. which will lead to next Screen.

But, that doesn’t help.
Please Consider following things which i used in this project.
Screens : 5
Tabs : Almost on every Screen
Spreadsheet : On every Screen
Navigation Bar ( Bottom ) : On every Screen.

Here are my Blocks for second Screen ( which is open when click on Get Started Button from Screen1 ).

Does anything from it make app crashes ?

May I ask, why do you have the need to reopen the same screen that you are already on?


Works perfect @Boban . But,
Now whenever try to open new tab it comes back to Home again. Like Boomrang.
Note : i removed bottom navigation .

Are this screens identical to home screen


show the blocks of the home screen, the first one, when you hit the button and goes to the other screen.

It has happened to me that when you change screens if you first put “go to screen x” and then “close screen” a loop is generated.

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No @Boban.
Every screen contains Spreadsheet table which is called in ListView with Images.
Thats same like Home screen.
But, they are all different and contains different data from Spreadsheet.
But, i want to call those screens when tab buttons are clicked. So, cant remove them.

Show the button blocks to switch screens.
Show how you switch between screens

blocks (13)

i use this blocks for shifting between screens after clicking @pepocero .

But I say this button:

When you click that button, how do you switch screens?

One of the correct ways to switch between screens is this:


On the tabs, wouldn’t it be better to use the position? Instead of using the name of the tab?

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i arrange those blocks as you instructed @pepocero to do it properly.
But, Problem is still there.
Still same screen is opening after clicking on any tab.

Just a guess. Try to make the tab names whole capital, the same way as they are displayed in the app and try again

I don’t know whether it will help or not, but just try once and see if it helps. :slight_smile:

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This is not applicable @Vaibhav . i try this too after you tell me to try. Btw thank you for the response.

By using this blocks on all of your screens you end up after 100 clicks with 100 opened screens, this will lead to app crash etc.

Recommendation is to have only one screen open at the time, occasionally 2-3 depends on your app design.

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