App Works In Companion but Got Crash After I Export It

Hello Guys

I Have Created An App Which work Fine In Companion but Got Crash after Exporting it

.Please Help Somebody ??

Here Is the Block Image :

I Have Tried my best to solve
Please Help

Thanks In Advance

use logcat to find out more about the runtime error


Actually the problem is the Home screen is not opening
From Screen1 (splash screen) to Home Screen it shows a black screen . The Home screen is not showing.

This what It Shows When I Open :

Probably you created an endless loop in the PermissionGranted event because the permission name which is returned there is not what you expected, so you call the AskPermission method again and again until the runtime error occurs…

just remove the if else statement completely… you are asking for only one permission anyway…


A Big Thanks
Its Work
Really You Are A Genius Man :innocent: :hugs:

The permissionName is WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

So remove “android.permission.”.

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But what the use of android.permission
When it wll used

I saw in one of community post that For Better result Use android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Instead of WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

but the name of this permission is WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

So sometimes you need to use android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
but in this case the block queries if “name of permission=WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” is true.

Maybe it is similar to:

Name = Androlar_Tech
If his name = Androlar_Tech (true)

instead of

If his name = Name:Androlar_Tech (false, because his name is not Name:Androlar_Tech but Androlar_Tech)

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This bug is fixed.

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