Append value , how will i identify append request on firebase rules

I want to set firebase security rule for append value
how can i denied request if its not appending value or it is replacing the value

does any one know firebase rules
it seems kodular coders don’t know much about firebase rules

You might want to try searching the forum. If you can’t find an answer then be patient and wait for someone to answer. If no one answrs then probably no one knows so don’t spam the forum by bumping this topic.

if no one knows then how will i solve my problem

As I said wait and be patient. If no one knows then you will have to find a way yourself. Try searching google or look to hire people who know more about this sort of thing.

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Something along these lines:

This is really a firebase question, you should search and ask on stackoverflow

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"chat_list": {
   "$chat_entry": {
       ".write": " !data.exists() "

i have tried it but not working

“.write”: “newData.val().contains(data.val())”
this should work
but not working why?