AppLeitura Application Test (feedback)


Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Download link:
AppLeituraBiblia.apk (5,6,MB)

Hello everyone.
First of all I would like to thank: @Vaibhav @Mohamed_Tamer @WatermelonIce @dora_paz
For giving me some help and tips to develop this app.

Guys this app is already published in the play store.
Even so, I would like everyone’s feedback so that I can improve the application and make it professional.
I accept all constructive criticism and tips for improvement.

I know it is a simple app for beginners. But I am very happy to have done it. I also thank the platform. :kodular:
Note: Remembering that I am not a programmer, but I am studying and I am still starting.


Thank you for using my guide in your work :relaxed: . It really feels great that I was able to help you in your good work. :smiley:

Also, I was not able to test the app much as I can’t understand that language. But I will point out a couple of things

  1. Under the first tab the screen appears blank. You have to click that button to add the content and then that content will be displayed.
    So I only want to suggest that, don’t keep the screen blank. You can have a label there with text on it like ‘Click ‘+’ to add data’ or something similar to it.

  2. I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but when we select second tab, there is some weird transition where some content appears on white background for an instant, which doesn’t match the theme of the whole app and then everything is normal again

  3. No matter whatever tab we select, the first tab remain selected, but content is shown of the related tab. For example if you select 3rd tab, the related info is shown but first tab is selected.
    The same is also present in the screenshot provided by you. Check that.

Also here :point_down: is a small video depicting the 2nd and 3rd point above

Thanks again and wish you all the best for your app development journey ahead :+1:


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Very nice work! However I don’t understand that language. Can you explain to me what this application does?

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I am also curious to know :smile:

Reading the Bible.
The Second Screen:
They are the menus for writings of Moses.
The third screen is a history showing what the user has read and when.


Ah thanks @Rogerio_Rios for that info!

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That’s right
This application is for the user to mark where he left off in his reading of the Bible.
Where we have 2 Reading plans. Free reading, where the person chooses how many chapters or verses to read and how much he wants.
And the Annual Reading plan, where a person can read a bible every day for 1 year.

Thanks @Vaibhav for your feedback. This is very important to me.

I will pay attention to what you wrote.

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Thank you @Rogerio_Rios
That’s right.

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Also for 2nd point, in my reply above, I don’t think that much can be done to improve. Because I guess that transition is due to list loading time. This issue was already discussed where it appeared that greater the number of dynamic components, greater will be time taken to load that list.

So I would suggest you to look at that 2nd point only when you think that the bug is from your side otherwise leave that point and focus on others :slightly_smiling_face:

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This information I really realized. But I still don’t know why. I tried to adjust, but it is still the problem.

It may be because of this :point_down:


But thank you for the comments above. It will definitely help me a lot.

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