Application closure problems

can you help me, how come when i close the application it behaves like this, after it has been closed, i go to reopen it in the first attempt it does like a flash, and on the second attempt it opens, place the video, and the blocks i use to close the application.

Could you please translate your code… Thx.


Your if true block is incorrect. This cannot be there. you must set a logic block, in the first place anything you have, it must be logically in the second, you set this true block.

Also, why do you need this if block? just call close applis´cation, and it will close the screen, too.

You don’t need to call close screen.


I tried to close the application without closing the screen it always does as I showed in the video

Hmmm. strange. But, anyway, you shouldn’t use this if condition block. use this instead:


In your case, it’s when clock timer block.

ok thanks i try and see how it goes.

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If you had searched the com, you would’ve seen this:

but ok, the Community is made to help learning…

even so 'is always the same the application closes and remains in the background
if I go to reopen it the first attempt fails and the second attempt opens.
you saw the video above

I don’t know what is causing that error. perhaps extensions?

Or do you have a duplicate block in your code?

Check it for bugs. I know, that’s annoying work, but it’s worth it.


I don’t even know why it causes this error
duplicate blocks there is no better control anyway thanks

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Thanks for that. I really don’t know where the mistake is. It would be good if someone who knows it would join.