Application error when starting from Google play

Crash_at_start.mp4 (2.5 MB) I don’t know how to describe this error well.
The application launched from the launcher works fine. Works in the background. Clicking on the shortcut in the launcher returns you to the running application. Everything is correct. Clicking on the notification returns you to the running application. Properly.
However, clicking on the play store starts the application again with error information.
I uploaded a movie.

The same in 1.4.1 version. There is no point in doing an application with such errors. tragedy.

Don’t think you should bother much about that error, because how many users are trying to launch an app from google if it’s already running

Btw, does the error occur when you try to launch your app from google when it is not running


Yes, this error continues, but vice versa.
Starting from google play is ok every time but starting from the launcher gives the application a restart with an error.