Application installs but does not open. Also gone from the phone. After import Screen

Describe your issue

Apparently after I imported a canvas from another project, the problems started.
The imported screen appears before Screen1 in the project’s screen list.
The project runs well in Companion, but when downloading the APK, it presents several errors and closes alone.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Import a screen that is Screen1 from another project and see what happens.

Expected Behaviour

I expected the imported screen to have the name it had in the other project, appearing next to the list of screens

Actual Behaviour

Even excluding the imported screen, the problems continue. The App installs, but does not give the option to open. The App is gone from the phone, and it only appears sometimes if I search for the phone settings.

Show your Blocks

There are 3 screens and many blocks. Everything worked before import.

Android version


I also had problems breaking the App with the native Side Menu.
So exclude the component from the project as well.

Now I don’t know who the culprit is.

Isn’t a problem. Screen1 will still be the default launching screen.

Didn’t understand. Can you please elaborate the problem? You may post the APK as well.

When installing, it no longer gives the option to open.
And once installed, I can only find it in the list of phone apps in the settings.
However it does not open, it only opens the application information.
I tried to install it on the Android emulator and it doesn’t work either.
So the problem is not my phone.

Here the app
GetComprasV3.apk (6.7 MB)

Uninstall the old copy and then install new one.

I already did, too.

Here is a related query. Have a look.

So, this means that the application is malformed.
Who compiles is Kodular.
I don’t have access to the code.

I will have to recreate the application from scratch.
I lost all my work.

You can take my problem to study.

Send the aia.

You can try these solutions @shotdesign :point_down:

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myproject.aia (798.3 KB)

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Solution 1: Error
“The selected project is not a project source file! Project source files are aia files.”

I’ll see the others or redo the project

Have you changed the project type for example to .zip, if so, then rename it back to .aia

I did exactly as described here:

You probably forget the last step, which is to rename the project back from .zip to .aia

I made it.

Good news.

Apparently it solved with the third solution described here:

I exported it to my computer, renamed it and imported it again.
It worked.

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Living Kodular and learning with Kodular:

My learnings so far:

  • Never import screens kkkkk
  • Do not create anything on Screen1 as it can never be replaced
  • Make backups every day
  • When the project has very deep changes, save the project as version1, version2 … and go from there.
  • Believe in the community! Problems will always exist.

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