Application Not Opening Runtime error

Please Tell Me Anyone What is the Problems !?

Thanks in Advance !

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Did you search the forum?

Yes sir i already search on it
But I was Checked all the things

No Solution

where did you started clock time???

Try placing those .Timer Enabled and .Timer Always Fires blocks below the .Show Alert block.

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Yes I Already Did It

I said to do it in the Clock1 .Timer block…

i was use only 2 Clock And i also set proper in

But no result :tired_face:

Doesn’t looks like you have read this :point_down:

I share also in Clock1. Timer Block Also But What i doing wrong ? :thinking:

You are not understanding, what I mean is place these block 2fb65935723a23514058bf801e277fdc53b8e011_1_1_1
under these blocks 2fb65935723a23514058bf801e277fdc53b8e011_1_2

is Now Right ??

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Does the error still persist?

Yes Still Now Error Coming … :tired_face::persevere:

Are you even sure it has something to do with these blocks.

Try to detach these blocks and see if it still gives you error message.



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YES sir Still now same Problems
May be it come to use Device Tool Extension

Yes it is


I am 100% Sure Now
because I was create anther Project only use Device Tool Component Same Problems Facing …

Right Now What To Do pleas Tell Me @Boban

Thanks in Advance !

For now, just wait until the next update…


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