Error when try to test app

why show this error?
and how to it?

Does one of your blocks have an empty socket? Do you have a red or yellow warning on the lower left of your blockeditor.


it may be for device id.
What is the name of permission for device information?

I agree with @Peter You have zombied a block somewhere. This can happen with dragging and moving blocks around. One way to look make sure it is not hiding is to collapse your large blocks, if you have them organized in a way you like, or have the system organize them.

Right click on the block screen and you will see this menu.


You should also turn on your warnings.


Then you can look for the X or the ! in your blocks to see what the error might be.

hey did you fix it ??

Click on show warnings and then find both of these marks on your blocks. you need to be careful while searching them
Bonus Tip: try draging you blocks as they may overlay other blocks

No.i will redesign another screen.

There is no error and warning.

Are you using IMEI in device tools component.


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