Error getting IMEI or Device ID

Please, help me, i put the getIMEI in my Login screen, one of my user getting error when system trying to get the IMEI of his phone, like this
But, in another user’s phone it can run perfectly without any error

Show your block, have you granted READ_PHONE_STATE permission? Also what is your android version the user using the app on?

Yes, i put the Ask permission in Screen1 Initialize

What about this:

Here is the block

In my project, always use default setting
(Android Version 4.4.4)

Sorry i was wrong sending the captured image, i just change my problem capture

Use device utilities component to get emi

blocks (17)

blocks (18)

for imei and serial num u need to get permision of phone state…
use android id its without any permision no need any permision…
some kodular apps getting error on new android 10 devices…
Also animation utils any type of animation etc not working in my device

I am using Device tool it does not take any permission


actually I’ve tried it, but because that didnt work, so I’m forced to use an extension

Nope i think you are utesting on android 10 ( i didn’t mean the min api ) :

Android Q (Android 10 ) has restricted to access for both IMEI and serial no. It is available only for platform and apps with special carrier permission. Also the permission READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE is not available for non platform apps.
If you try to access it throws below exception

java.lang.SecurityException: getImeiForSlot: The user 10180 does not meet the requirements to access device identifiers.

Please refer documentation:
Also refer Issue
From : I am getting IMEI null in Android Q? - Stack Overflow

Suggestion : don’t collect imei from users.


Hmm actually, i want one account/user, one Device

So use any other identifier except the imei , like for example email , username,etc…

Okay, thank you for your solution
I will try to use “Session Login” logic method

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You can use webview and set home page to or use @Sumit1334 idea

which extension you use ?

i need help



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