Device info permission Extension not working

I was using taifun extension to collect imei from user for one time registration, but now it’s not working. It say runtime error to get device info and do not ask permission. Why

If you tell us what runtime error you’re getting we may be able to help however you should try different extesion if one doesn’t work:


@Taifun must update his extension to the new app inventor permission system.

And @channelcartoonbd why dont you use the build in component from us?

Thats it.

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Using built in components is a better soluction actually :sweat_smile:

Still same problem sir

The problem is that “READ_PHONE_STATE” permission is not given, you can try using the ask for permission block (in the screen blocks) to ask it:

Will it ask user permission every time, when they open this screen

That is just an example , you should use it only when needed not on screen inizialize but if it’s already granted it shouldn’t ask again

Thanks for replying, I will try your method

Like @Federico_Morrone said use my extension, there’s an update coming today. It’s gonna add alot of new blocks. It’s more useful than any other device information extension or component out there today.

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Thanks its working @Federico_Morrone

It’s a pleasure to help, and pls mark my answer as the solution

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