GetDeviceId: Neither user 11279 nor current process has android.permision.READ_PHONE_STATE

Hello, my app is returning this error on the first boot, the app asks for the required permissions, but the error appears before even allowing the user time to accept the permissions, since after accepting the permissions the error no longer appears, only appears on the first boot, which can cause a shock on the user when he installs the app. I’ve seen some articles related to this topic, and tried all the alternatives I had on these topics but none worked, so I decided to create this specific to my problem.

can you explain more ? which block / component are you trying to use ? Did you use any extension ? Any Screenshot ? What do you prefer to see ?

please only ask in the community of the builder you are using
thank you


Same problem is here.

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same questions for you

can you explain more ? which block / component are you trying to use ? Did you use any extension ? Any Screenshot ?


You guys denied the permission to read phone state on run another time. Reinstall the app or do this from Settings, and accept the permission.

I’ve got the same problem.
caused by colintreeIMEI extension.
after the update I noticed this problem: the app no ​​longer asks me for permission to read the internal device (in my case imei), as if he denied it regardless.

Ok. my problem was solved by eliminating colintreeImei, replacing it with kodular device tool.

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You didn’t have to do that :joy: Just use the Ask For Permission block and use the Text Block with READ_PHONE_STATE, then it’ll ask on Screen Init if you put it under that event block. Definitely consider using my Hosts extension, it can be found my searching the Community. It has more features than the current Device Information component AND includes even IMEI. It’s the biggest & most powerful Device Information extension in the AI World.


my first project with kodular and I did not know all the components! thk’s
this one

the extension still does not use the new SDK 26 features…
as workaround drag a phone call component into the working area without using it…


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Nope not that one, this one. It uses special new SDK 26 features, well will in the next update :wink: Which will be either between within 5 hours or Tuesday, maybe next Thursday, for me to know and you to never find out until it’s released.

which extension?

Can you read answers?

The link that says this at the beginning.