Runtime Error When I use telephonymanager extension from Taifun

Sir If I use Trafin Device id extaintion then app tell runtime error when the app opened . Then User Have to go app settings and allow the permission Is anything you have that no show any runtime error and give me device id or is you have any extaintion that ask allow deny popup box ?

Use the Ask Permission Block to request the needed Permissions

If I Use Ask Permission block only a notifier come that tell error then some messege Is i can not do allow deny permission system in kodular like andriod studio app

Can you show your blocks which you used for permission request?

I not use any block for permission requsted . I wanted a block that show allow or deny permission in app . User Not Go to allow in app settings

There is block for that: Ask for Permission
Please check Screen1 blocks.

Ya i Find It . But How i use it and what he say after i write this block

You need to connect with string block and write full permission name, like “READ_PHONE_STATE”.

You can find all permission names from here:


Ok Thanks Let me Try . By connect these block what happened ?

Put these blocks under event such as Button1.Click then you will see a dialog which you can Deny or Allow permission from Android.

Ok Very very Thanks for help. I wanted It . Is i show these block when screen1.initialize ?

Yes you can request for permission whenever you want. Just move permission blocks anywhere you want to use.

Thanks Very Much

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Is it worked? If yes, don’t forget to mark as solution, so everyone can learn solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am Testing

And how Are permission granted block works ?

When any permission is granted, this event will run and it will return granted permission name, so you will know which permission is granted.

See This Image . Is I connect blocks appropriately ?

Looks no problem in blocks until you ask for new permission. Just export your app and try it.

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