How to use ask permission block

what i have to write here
in what format like i want internet permission what should i write here
in the permission name

Just an example:

The Internet permission as example ist granted automatic.
You can find in google all permissions.

You only need to grant “dangerous permissions”.


Yes i need storage permission and few more but what should i write
I don’t know
I just told a example of internet but what about others

I already that you will find the answer with a simple google search.
Thats your job now.

And btw the components which needs the permission ask them automatic…


Thanks i will check it

Thanks i got an idea how to use i just need to add the permission name


Yes but if user deny to give then my app just take the user to why we need the permissions and then user clicks on a button i understand then again my app asks for permissions.
That will also give better user experience.

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I ask for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.If user deny it and open another screen my app crash because permission not granted.So i forced user to approve my permission.If he is not approve i dont let him use because its crash my app :confused:

Is it okey for Google policy?

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Yes it is ok because some apps cannot run without permissions like apps that require root

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But provide the user with Yes or No notification with info why you are requesting this permission, if he wants to continue then he must grant it.

So you don’t just ask and ask for permission…


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error unknown permission please problem solution

Read this and then try again.