Open if permissions granted

hello guys
I made a app where i have to get phone storage

but the problem is
if someone deny to get permission then app show a error and i want a filter in my app like if permissions granted then open content otherwise show a message for permissions

I think you should check screen blocks.

make a block that reload the permission after certain time if permission denied.

i check in blocks but i dont know how to place blocks
am i place blocks in correct way ?

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use only if call whatsapp tools are permission granted, then call images, else call ask for permission,

dosnt need =

Ok bro let me try

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use in screen1 initialize,

Doesnt work bro can you show blocks

your permission is wrong,

use ’ android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ’

i am using in my app,
check this,

it doesnt matter bro because in my app when i use permissions like in this post

then it also shows a message for permission

i think problem is in if then

because when i grant permissions then the message did not appear but permissions are accepted but page didnt open because of some problem in blocks

and it also doesnt work as you show in you blocks i just checked it yet

then you have to check other blocks also, because in many phones it automatically ask for permission, after permission granted, is your blocks working? in companion ?

we cant open companion without granting storage permission
so we cant check storage permissions in companion

Mean to say that is your app working in companion, not permission blocks blocks after permission because companion has already permission of storage so is it working in companion

no it is not working even in companion

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


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then problem is in other blocks not in permission blocks, as @Taifun said show use your blocks

hello here are the blocks

i want to check permissions on click on button of status saver which is in 1st picture

and it works properly when i click on do it in 2nd block
is there any way to check 2nd block in else of 1st block

or any other way to check permissions before opening screen


see here: