Application not really closing

I hope you can help me understand this problem.

At first glance, when pressing back, the application really closes, however I check it on my cell phone and it’s still open.

My block:


First “If” fix an issue where app opens from Google Jobs
Second “If” closes
Third “If” return page.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

You run from companion? Close application cannot run while in companion mode

No, apk.
It closes, the App close for me, but when I change in cell phone/mobile to see apps open, this App appears opened, not closed.

I even thought that this application was opening twice, but NO, it really only opens once. I do not know the reason…

If you open the app again via the device task manager, is the Screen.OnAppResume event triggered? Try it. The result will be negative. So the app is closed, even if it can still be found in the task manager.

Try this:

Hi Anke,
I thank you, but doesn’t work. I just try OnStop, OnResume as your suggest, but nothing at all…

App still on task manager.

Is the application opened in the recents tab on your phone?

Yes, and task manager too.

I found how to fix it.

After confirming acceptance of cookies, the website itself loads, opening another screen of the app.

So, I just put it out on the page load.

Anyway, thank you all really.

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