Application of Android

:sweat: Lets See Which one will be better
i know urs will be better:relaxed:
as i dont know how to design properly:fearful:

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I don’t about yours but I got an idea to make a guide :crazy_face:

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i think you cant give apk or anything which is related to beta, i have read that in beta privacy agreement,

:joy: It Is My Application BETA Version :nerd_face:
BETA = Under Development And With Bugs
it is not even 1% related to kodular beta

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ok then its all ok, i thought its from beta, as you have written before edit, :joy:

ok now if you want you can suggest me please:cold_face:

i think there must be categories, like hindi English or some other languages and you can let them choose between them, and if possible make comments with time stamp

Ok Thanks BTW Normally Memes Will Be In English there are so many languages in the world :zipper_mouth_face: i can add major languages like hindi ,english for more reply what should I

Hmm I can do it:fire:

i suggest to add your own country famous languages, else world can use English, because international language is English, so add some famous languages of India, so you can get local audience as well

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  • Login could improve a lot

  • Does not close the screens correctly

  • When opening there is a toast “Permission of use denied”

  • The “Save” button does not change color when saving

  • And this:

But as it is a beta you have a lot ahead! It should be alpha α

Good luck and consult the :kodular: Community when you need

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@krish.jha Now Just wait for my app I also working on Same project.

Ya thanks for saying

how?i didn’t notice:sweat_smile:

i asked the permission for storage but i dont know why it is not working but will be fixed

i cant understand:sweat_smile:

How this happen it is working for me perfectly! and how was about screen accessed?I hide title bar and lol i did that in about screen while testing app in companion to update data

thanks so much BTW i have also seen your application photos :heart_eyes:


Thanks For Saying All these

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Why This Happen With me

What? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Can You reply This?

and this please

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That you are working on same project
then one app will get success and one will be drown away
and i know my design:face_vomiting: so i already know whats going to happen

Before saying anything just check my apps I’m not also a great developer.:point_right:My Apps:point_left:

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LOL lets see which app will be better

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