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In My App I Have One Bottom Navigation And On Other Side A Button
when both are clicked at same time they divide in 50/50

Can It Be Fixed?I cant find a way to fix it?i dont know blocks

I’m not sure what is the issue?

Try this

In this there will be a bottom navigation and a comment button
click both at same time

If I understood correctly, this happens if they are clicked at the same time “accidentally”. If that’s the case, you should place a space between them to avoid those simultaneous clicks.

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They are at different place
But that is big bug
Founded by @alexitoo_uy
Thats need to fix!

Nothing is visible

Can you record a video of the problem?

Keep everything related to your app in this topic.

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or create hidden blocks or show that layout

You can instruct how to create: 1 - Please instruct how to create fav buttons, when clicking click they are saved in the user’s list. 2 - When you press the Save button and the image is pushed to the list from another screen?

Why :dizzy_face: in my it is working

But people say create other topic for problems

I cant understand

Screenrecorder-2019-11-03-21-26-08-37.mp4 (3.6 MB)
Check full video

Wrong video, I suppose!


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You might be changing hight properties, without noticing, somewhere in block side

No thats not problem
Actually both will hide soke layout and set sime visible now in comment everything should git invisible and comment should get visible but because of it both are activating due to which both get visible now i dont want that
Any solution to prevent it

Just watching the video and/or reading your explanation, I can’t figure out what is going on. Maybe you could add a screenshot of blocks in this specific procedure so that we can understand it better.

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When Saved In Bottom Navtigation Click
When Comment Button Click