Why Kodular is best?Read here

I Think Kodular Is Best for Me And It is Even Given In this post!
it Said Kodular Is Best Of All
I am happy to see

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It’s your article and you are telling us to read! :grinning:

Anyway, nicely written.

And thanks
Becoz i like also like kodular
And also want to share people globally shared post on so many groups and all

It’s okay to share…its okay to write…bt tell people in correct way. You wrote it, that’s good. There is no point to post like the article has been written by someone else who is super famous. :grinning: There is no harm if you write good something about the platform and show it us.

Anyway… appreciating…again.

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This is the second time you post something as would it be written/made by someone else. Don’t do that again. Next time the topic will be unlisted.


Ok bro i now understand

Ok sorry sir

i will try do do good next time

Like you can start by saying the truth. Not so hard to do that. :upside_down_face:

It is I Even Given In this post!
it I Said Kodular Is Best Of All

I would like to move this topic to off topic as this is neither feedback nor praise.
He is just promoting his blog and website.


It’s partly the truth. The article really says Kodular is the best. However, @krish.jha said it is written by someone else.
Why is it better for him (more visits)? What I would think
It is from…

  • other author, @krish.jha doesn’t advertises himself

  • other author, who has more knowledge

I have written this sir

Hi @Robert
The above article is written by @krish.jha and it is also mentioned in author name.
And that website is also of @krish.jha

(which is not the real)

thanks but i thought i will be banned

Respect and make this world more easier by helping others. If @krish.jha had promoting his own written blog, then we need to appreciate his hard work he put in.
Although he is saying Kodular is best…