Good platform to program without learning java or c++

feedback on :kodular: creator
Kodular creator :kodular: is a wonderful platform for creating an app without knowing any
programming language (java or any other languages ) . I recommend every one those did not learn any programming language to use kodular

my request to :kodular: build server should be online everytime

my experience : 6+months on creator

Kodular is an small Project from a Little Group.

Kodular is free (mostly) to use, so it’s totally okay when the Build Servers have some downtime.

I have a doubt. Do kodular team own Thunkable and MIT APP INVENTOR

MIT App Inventor has been developed by Google and is currently maintained by MIT.
Kodular is developed using App Inventor sources. Thunkable is slightly different from the two.

ok thanks for the information

Since it is going off topic i close this.

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