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Hello everyone,
I have learned to make app with kodular and even made and published on playstore but now I am unable to decide which app shall i make next?
I need a nice app making concept or idea which can attract many users.

Everyone wants that :joy:


Just read these words you will find your answer.:smile::innocent:

didn’t found

There are different type of android users and categories like game,entertainment,tools,productivity,etc.
Just choose an appropriate category and target that category users and build apps.

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make a list of all type of ideas in a notepad and and make those apps one by one.

Maybe, you think there are no new things to make. The more updated Android, the more things will be possible you even didn’t think about. Try to create something unique or something wich is better than already Koded apps.

I also want good idea :cry:

Here it is:

Just one ( actually three ) words…Oh my god:astonished:
1200 app ideas or maybe more


Seen but no one seems interesting

Why does anything seem interesting?
Because you love to do it and have proper knowledge to do it.

It have used ideas
And not so good it is hard to find a good idea

I am seeing edit button on this .why?
I am not a prokoder

That post is wiki edit means any user above ( at ) tl1 can edit it.

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ProKoders can only recategorize and rename a topic.They can not edit posts.
Moderators and Leaders can edit posts.
This one best describes it:

But this is going to be off topic.

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