[Free] Login and sign up page made with Kodular

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Login and sign up page made with Kodular :grinning:

Describe your app:

This is my first ever koded app :grin:. I have made this beautiful login and sign up page, it is fully coded, you can make changes according to your need

Overview Of Features
  • Amazing UI Design
  • Animations
  • Google Sign up


Apk file

login_page.apk (5.5 MB)

AIA file

login_page.aia (180.3 KB)


Thank you :blush: @Shreyash for phase animation extesion

Your feedback is highly appreciated as it will help to make the app more better. So please let me know in the comments. Thanks


All the illustrations in the app are copyright free

I am providing this aia completely free. But please mention me and give me the credit if you want to use it.


Nice @Yash_Sehgal22 :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for your lovely comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nice Design it will look great if you add some space above username & below Signup/Login :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your lovely comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In the next update I will do the needful and there are some bugs :bug: that i will fix that also in the next update


Very nice @Yash_Sehgal22 I want to learn ui designing can you tell me ?

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nice, just a little bit improvement is needed and then it will look great.

thanks :grin:

I am not a UI designer :sweat_smile: I just tried

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Thanks @Yashk12

In the next update i will make the changes

But still very nice than mine ui

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One Suggestion You Could Add raised Hint It will Look more beautiful

hey @Sashibhusan_Coder thanks for your suggestion

in the next update i will make the changes

and the next update is coming tommorow

Nice UI @Yash_Sehgal22

You can set both button rounded. Also instead of using signin with google , directly you can set google button… just my view