Online Class App With Youtube Videos

I want to Create an online class app using my youtube channel …

It must include
Sign in Sign up option
I want to create folders easliy
Subscription feature for folders
Live class Function
Chat option
Admin App to activate claess for students

Pls help me
Is it possible

Yes it is very much possible. Start with one step at a time, say first create a sign up screen, then sign in screen and then come to membership on how to give access to specific user based on their plan.

I have already created sign in and sign up process
Pls let me know to continue
How to create Home screen with Different Folders

you can use my template for signup and login

for this you can create videos of your classes and you can use in app purchase , you can make another screen that contains all the paid videos and you can code it like if payment is done then the user can go to second screen else he/she cant

that may not be possible with extension or kodular components , you can use some online service for it

for this use some data base or some online service

you can get idea from the chat apps present in the community

[Guide] Group Chat Application Using Firebase and Google Sheets (Level - Advanced)

for this also i suggest to use a database and some logic

I want a different method for subscriptiòn …

I will create folders for each lessons if any of my students wants to study certain lesson i will unlock and give to students
Otherwise all folders must be locked
Like this i Have to create

Then do it , why are you asking, you have the idea , community full of useful resources .

Do some Google search and research work, if you have any doubts or errors while making the community will help you

Perhaps he wants someone to give him blocks or an aia file.

I am doing ryt

seems like


Yes, it is possible…
You need to know :
Programming logic ;
Design your system;
Kodular Blocks;
3-Check the errors
4-Fix Errors
5-Back to item 2

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Oakay oakay thanks

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I have created a firebase
when I click on the folder nothing happens and subfolder is not opening
please let me kno what is the problem
here is the AIA file
123456.aia (6.8 KB)