[Guide] Group Chat Application Using Firebase and Google Sheets (Level - Advanced)

Group Chat Application Using Firebase and Google Sheets

In this Guide we will be Using the spreadsheets Extension by @AppHelper_Studio
Link: http://apphelper.rf.gd/aix-18

You Can Also Use Airtable. If You Want to Know the Block Post a Reply

User Interface (UI)

Note: I am using A Font from assets (.ttf). U can also use Fonts preset in Kodular

For Creating a Group Make an Interface Like this :

Next Lets Make UI to Add People to the Group in a new Vertical Arrangement :

Now Lets Make Chat UI in a new Vertical arrangement :

These are the Components:



These are the Blocks for Creating a Group:


Follow the Guide And You Will be Able to Create a Group Chat Easily


Amazing. I will try this when my music app completed.

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Surely Try :grinning:

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Very good guide man… keep it up…

Thanks @Still-learning

A Great Guide :+1: @BLAZE_ARDUINO

thanks @Anwita_Divya
Please Try it Out

Looking at the blocks, if not mistaken, we can use in built Kodular’s spreadsheet or google spredasheet. Am I correct ?

ya U Can use any Spreadsheet. I Used Google Spreadsheet

So please add it to your quide, cause otherwise for someone who is not familiar with blocks might think that this can be achieved only by using specific extension which I believe is misleading users to download a specific app to get the extension

sure just give me minute


Please provide aix and aia file

What do you need the aix for? No need for extension(aix) to achieve this.

And the blocks are in topic, just try and if you encounter a problem, you are welcome to ask for help when showing your blocks :+1:

Making a chat is actually very easy, but for real time/live chat I would recommend Firebase rather then airtables as airtables don’t have the possibility to check if a cell/value in database has changed.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thankyou

I have created movie app, which i have done 95%. I need community chat page for my users, where user discuse about errors or do general group chat. It helps to improve services and user feel good about app.

I am very basic developer, thats why i don’t have enough knowledge to make group chat page. If you have aia and json file can you please share with me ? Reqest from heart

This Guide is old

I will soon publish a better one

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Hi, when do you think you will publish the new chat guide?