Application rejected

My application is rejected due to following reasons…Can anyone explain what is it actual about and how to solve? It’s urgent!!

Post your logo which you used in store listing
Issue is in your logo (maybe it’s not comply with google policy change them and resubmit app)

I set it to off-topic. The message is clear to me.

What i supposed to do now? Can anyone give more details?

I got another alert!! What I’m supposed to do?

Are you using firebase db in your app or any other database

Edit :- If Yes Then Make Sure That Your API Key Is In Obfuscated Text Block

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basically ur app ui or images,description look similar to another app

Google Result:

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Play Store Does Not Send Only Rejection Reasons Through Emails There Is A Also A Option Of Next Steps


Actually this is for governmental use which uses similar icon to other official apps…I have submitted proof for permission… Within couple of minutes i got same mail of rejection.
Please help!

Then chanage your icon. Better if you design your own app icon.

Don’t use icons which looks like other apps icon.

Is the permission from owner? If yes than u can use them but it is always adviced to use your own assets
Remember the permission must be from a source which is legit and credible

This is to certify that Sudurpaschim Covid19 Tracker (com.nepal.SudurpaschimCovid19Tracker) application belongs to Sudurpaschim Province. In this pandemic it is created to provide reliable information on important health of sudurpaschim state to all citizens.
Mr. Sunil Giri holding developer id 5494***** and Email id sunilgiri***** have permission to make and publish this android application on behalf of government. The program title, name, logo and other assets are used under our surveillance. The source is clearly convey to users in app description and official website, phone number, email id is also provided in contact details. Looking forward in hope of speedy reviewing and publishing of application.

You need a government document with typed permission from the official health care organizations of your country with stamp and signature.

Then only Google will accept it otherwise they don’t.

I have resubmitted my app with this format as advance notice written by provincial office. I have got mail regarding advance notice which mention wait for 2 business days but within minutes Google send two other same policy violation mails. Does really google have speed up it’s services?
Still waiting for respond from Google.
How many chance i have left?
Please suggest!
It’s urgent.

Don’t play with Google
They can permanently throw you out from Play Store
Google will reject all Apps related to Corona-virus (Covid-19) until you have a valid permission from Government or Health organizations like WHO (World Health Organization)
I can clearly understand that you have submitted fake permission letter and details
Until now, No government gave this type of permission to anyone, There are only apps from Government related to Corona-Virus (Aarogya Setu App in India)
If you repeat this mistake then Google will kick you out.
That’s it…
You will be safe until you follow these policies

Lol I’m not from India

If you are not from India
Don’t you need to follow Google’s Policies?

Google is GOOGLE it have a wide range of policies and sometimes it really become impossible to get support from google. I dont know how their policies work?
dont know how and on whom they impose their policies? Jio completed copied the “Zoom” interface and made their “Jio Meet” similar copied “Whatsapp” UI for their “Jio Chat” and these apps have over 5M downloads.
and that is why it is advised to make your own assets and always keep a margin from its policies


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