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This application is part of my university degree project, the main idea is that carriers can send the sealed invoices and store the data in mysql that contains the invoice, the app is at 80%, some details are missing but I wanted to leave them the apk to help me with suggestions if my application requires them, it is worth mentioning that it is the first application that I made using kodular and blocks, so I am very happy to be with this community sharing my work.


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Sonoco_App (6).apk (9.2 MB)

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Submit the invoices?

Can better explain who the actors are in the mini world of the app ?

2-customers/app user

The company at the time of sending the product is done through carriers external to the company, which take the invoice together with the product, when arriving at the delivery point the client must seal them received, they take 2 weeks 1 month to return to the company and deliver the invoice with the seal, which greatly delays its processes, when they have the invoice they scan it and later in a database they place as evidence the photo of the invoice, the rfc sender, receiver and ID.

The application automates all this process, managing to read the qr code that was implemented in the invoices, extracting the data that they captured manually, and as a bonus the photo of the invoice.
Context…! It reduces the manual process that sometimes had finger errors and reduces the times since by simply using your camera twice the application saves that data in the database so that later the administrators can view this information.

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