Application status: rejected playstore

My request, in the play store has been rejected, I don’t understand it, it has a 512x512 icon as recommended, has this happened to someone

Hi-Res Icon (es_419) - See attached screenshot io.kodular.developer.nameapp-HiResIcon-325.png

As you can see there is no image to be seen. Why do you think it has to do with your icon?

well, this is the size of the image that I uploaded, I use it as an icon and as the main image of plastore.

I must clarify that it is an update

512x512 with a transparent background and for some strange reason as I have battled for months with this you can’t save your progress for the apps images, icons, and other unless its all done at the same time, but once its acceptable to Google’s standards you can move on to the next one. Good luck!

Also, I am not 100% sure on this but the 1st one doesn’t allow text just the icon.

What does your app do?

Please provide a screenshot of the Google Play message


@Jim_Henderson , @Taifun @Peter ,
Ok, it was an old application from the university. I solved it by going to the playstore tab and adding the images for the tablet display, I had also made a scraping-type automation because the university does not have APIs, where I helped the student to obtain their notes, your schedule, etc.
They also rejected it for that reason, I had to leave a simple web view

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