Application stops woks abnormally

I’m building an app that connects to an bluetooth device, and i’m using the “.scan” block form “Bluetooth_Admin”, i don’t know if it’s this the reason, but when i am in the screen2, where you can see the list of the devices scanned, if you press the back button of the devices, it comes back to the screen1 (and this is ok), but few milliseconds after the app crashes with an error “L’app si è fermata in modo anomalo” (in italian, because i’m italian, in english is like “The app stops working abnormally”). It has to simply just go back to the screen1, without crash.

Could you send me the aia and apk, please? Then I can take a look if there is something wrong

here you are

ProLift_2.aia (398,0 KB)

Why are you opening a new screen to go back? You should use close screen instead of open Screen1 again


Replace the Back event and create the Back Pressed event

Yeah sorry, but i tried to use ONLY .backpressed blocks, or trying to erease all .backpressed blocks
(and i ereased the “back” event) but nothing is changed, it gave me that error.

ProLift_2.aia (400,9 KB)

App Crashes everytime i go back, with all the combination

Error on bluetooth component, receiver not register, it must be your block, check before close screen or open screen when use bluetooth, im not good at bluetooth, waiting for more solution

sorry i didn’t understand, what block?:disappointed: