Application with transmitter and receiver

Good evening everyone, I would like to ask a little if there is any specific way that I could create an application through KODULAR and it will actually vibrate the mobile when two devices are within 100 meters. And when more devices are in close then whole devices vibrate

I think that it is possible. You must search information of geofencing.

The problem is that I am a little dummy and I want to try to make it and understand with a simple way or simple steps. I searched for it but all of them were too confused. Someone who want to challenge with me for making it?

How much will you play someone?

It depends. I suppose 100 dollars. but to make it work exactly as I want it. And also providing me first with a demo so I can test it. Then I would pay him for the aia and all the other things.

Good luck with that.

You must try to make yourself. Here, there is an example,.

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