Applove Reporting API Live Preview

Can anyone tell me how can we create this on this platform? I want to create the same as you see in the image above. Can anyone help me on this platform to solve this?


@Still-learning @RAVAN_0001 @Zain_Work @Taifun - Can you help me in telling how to create its blocks?

By using website api or evaluation of javascript in webview or also you can do it with web component.
BTW did you creating it for public uses or your own uses in admin app ???

And also tell me which platform you are using to show these info like ecpm

  1. I am using Applovin ad network it and I want to know how to create its blocks.
  2. I want to make this for the one whose api is being used in the application.
  3. Can you create this and show me how it can be made, I will be very thankful to you.

I want to show this in the application as you see in the above image. Is it possible and if yes then how can it be done?


Using this API URL, how can I get it to display the label text exactly as you see in the image above?

Link isn’t opening

we do not have any key… so use your key, get the report and share it properly inorder to help you

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