Applovin Ads not Showing

I had recently made one app on kodular and i have ads but then also my applovin ads won’t load i have approved applovin account too then also

Okay, thanks for letting us know.


better to ask to applovin team about that, why they are not giving ads only they can tell

I have already tried to loading the ads in different builders using extension and it working only problem with kodular

trying with builtin component or extension in kodular?

i hope you have read that for testing, and enabled test ads from account and also enable test mode in kodular applovin test mode

i tried to use extension but i wont export the app
so i have used buildin component

why my applovin ads not showing please help me

same answer goes for you, and also there must be any other reasons also, like you are not setting blocks perfectly or your ids are wrong etc.

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