Applovin ads not showing

my applovin ads not showing in latest app , in older apps ad shows fine
app is in the playstore
test ads also not showing
sdk is correct
the failure reason it shows below image
idk what admob is doing here

Make it clear that you are using applovin or admob.
The error is regarding admob.
Show you blocks related to ads components.

i used applovin , not admob here my blocks
blocks (15) blocks (14)

Strange, then why it says admin validation system. :thinking:

yea thats what im thinking , my older apps are fine , i think kodular got some bugs

I don’t thinks it’s a bug in kodular.
I think so applovin is somehow connected to admob. When I googled, I found this.

its about mediation

Actually I don’t know much about ads, I found this on Google so I pasted it here :sweat_smile::grin: