Apply lite app system in kodular


I would like to ask about a very important topic. How do Lite apps work?

Examples: Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite, etc.

Knowing how these applications work: Is it possible to build an application of this type in Kodular?

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Why is that important?

It is a lighter app with many options.

Still not sure what you mean? A lighter app.


Due to the nature of AppInventor and its derivatives, you may not be able to achieve a result like the one you want

Even an empty APK size is around 4 or 5mb if I remember correctly (in Kodular)

However, I can leave you a couple of articles that might interest you

If you have knowledge about Android Studio:

Yes, it is possible. But it will depend on your app. Normally it won’t be possible to make an app so light as Facebook Lite, for example.
But if your app is very big or with many functions you can simplify it by creating a version with less resources. This is exactly how facebook lite works.
And depending on your app, you can use a webview instead of a lot of components to do some things. I don’t know if it still is like that, but this was basically the way Instagram Lite worked when it was first launched.

Others tips to make an app lighter: Reduce images and videos sizes, reduce audio quality.

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It is upto you…

If you have created very first with little function then call it as lite app

If you have added many more options call it as main app



see i far as i have seen those apps most of the are just webviews so that’s why their size is also very small

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How could I use the web viewer to replace some elements that are part of an application?

I already gave you some suggestions. Every thing else will depend on your app. You see, Facebook Lite can’t do all the things Facebook can do. To make a lighter app they removed some option and made the available options more simple. Your lite app will have to do the same.

How replace a certain component? I don’t know, I don’t even know what’s your app about. And I don’t know what components you use.

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