Approval related issue

Can I upload my app on Amazon App Store which has admob ads without approval ?
Please tell. @Kodular

Yes you can

You can upload the app but if you want ads to show you need approval from Kodular.

In future please search the forum as most questions like yours have been answered. A quick search can often result in you not spamming the forum.

So, unless I have approval from kodular I can’t show ads in the app even if it is on amazon app store. Please tell @Avijit @deanart2012. Please help @Kodular

The only time you don’t need approval to show ads is when you upload to Google Play Store as Google has its own process for checking apps.

If you want to upload to any other store you need approval for ads.

Again, a simple search of the forum would answer your questions as it has been asked and answered many times already. I don’t know why you like spamming instead of searching.

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But amazon app store also checks apps whether it be with ads or without.

Now you’re spamming and wasting everyone’s time.

For the hundredth time search the forum as your question has been answered so many times already.

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okay, please don’t be angry