Approved or rejected

I was requested for my apps ad approval but 2 weeks ago i cant get any approval or rejection. why???

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You need to be patient. I believe Kodular have many projects to approve and are getting to them. Nothing to worry about, hopefully.

But i want to request another app for approval

Just a question: have you read all the guidelines about this?

yes i read

So you already know that not every app is going to be approved. Many of them are not approved because they are just earning apps. Take this in mind.


iam new in this app and whin i wont to do any thing they tell me to raquest acout .
what should i do

i cant mean? can you tell me clearly what do you mean

What type of app You Uploaded ?or in which platform ?

Free UC For Pubg App_v6.0
on vgamo

the offer dont apperse on my phone and when i wont to click on any thing they tell me to request activetion of my acount

and they tell me that my app hasn’t approved to serve ad

Is you published your app in play store

send your Problem Screenshot

i donno. what you mean ?

I mean is your app in playstore. If no the then your app does not show ads without ads approval. Yo need to publish your app in playstore or request for approval.

That’s means your app is not Approved by kodular

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