Appy Builder Code Editor Problem

Hello Guys I’m Now Member Of Community
And I Had Problem Of Appy Builder Code Editor
When I Clicked Build Button I Waited 5 minutes And
It Gave Me Last Build Log Button Only

This Is the truth screenshot

how ill fix the problem

Click on that and send the logs here :slight_smile:

are you scamming me?

Why would I ?

okay miss it here’s the link


i mean miss this

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Ok ok

The errors are
You need to make sure that the class name should be MathTest (the name of your project)

Looks like Function add is defined 3 times change it to once or change the function name.


how ill fix these errors?

You can’t make multiple method with same name in java Or in any language. You also can but your parameters must be different from another one if the method names are same.

As you can see in the image there are 2 method with same name Add and there parameters are also same int a, int b that’s why it is building failed.
You need to keep the different name for different methods. AFAIK, you’re making a calculator function +, -, ×, / . Change your method names and keep them different.

And you’re topic must be in another category. It is not a bug so you’re making it as Feedback:bug

I hope it helps