Appy Pixel Tester | A modern app for testing and fixing any phone's pixel with over 100+ backgrounds

Hi, Tech Riddhipratim here, developer of Appy Pixel Tester. It is a free to use app which is very useful and comes with great U.I.

App Link (Google Play)
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Features of Appy Pixel Tester:

  1. Has more than 100 backgrounds to test pixel.
  2. No lags and is optimized.
  3. Survey after testing pixel.
  4. Understand pixel issues.
  5. Ways of fixing pixel related issues.
  6. Easy to use and is free
  7. Great U.I and app size id 9.5 MB only
    and much more

I am a beginner in this developer jouney.
So I would be very helpful if the community or I can say you guys help me by downloading and giving me 5 stars. It means a lot. Please Guys

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