AppyBuilder project Migration

Hello I have started a project with AppyBuilder.

My project is not finished but is well advanced and I don’t want to start over.
Knowing that Appybuilder will stop In few months, I want to migrate my project to Appybuilder.

All the procedure is doing well but when I try to open the project in Kodular I have this error “Unable to find component “ListViewCustom” while loading project”.

The message is quite clear. Kodular does not recognize ListViewCustom Component.

Do you know a solution to integrate this component in kodular ? Is it planned to intergrate natively this component in Kodular ? Is there a way to simply replace by an other component (it can be difficult because this is the base of my application ) ?

Thank for your answers.

Remove that component from your project, before that you have to remember all your blocks, for that save blocks as screenshot.

Then transfer your project in kodular, use kodular list view or list view with image component or other any extension and complete your blocks.

Thanks for your answer,

I wish there was another solution but, If not, I will have to take time to do this.
It will take a while.


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Depends on which blocks you are using but what you can try is to modify your aia file manually, as in Kodular List_View_Image_and_Text is more or less equal to ListViewCustom from Appybuilder…

Thanks for your suggestion,

I tried yesterday but it seems I use procedure no implemented in List_View_Image_and_Text.

Then I tried to take off all references to ListViewCustom in AppyBuilder, export my projet, import in Kodular. I have no more this error but I had new one about components Switch. After I had new one about Toggler…
I’ve done the same things for all these errors.

After that, I can open my projet but I have an error “The block area did not load properly. you wil not be able to edit by blocks editor until the problem is corrected”. Most of my blocks are not visible in the editor.

Finally I guess that migration for my projet will not be possible.
I will try to remake all starting from zero by copying manually what I have in AppyBuilder.
I have only 2705 blocks to create…

I have no idea on how many time it will take.

Sorry to hear but this is the best choice when move to new builder.

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