AR camera image overlay

I’m exploring using Kodular for augmented reality but for 2d (lines, circles, image icons) overlay rather than 3d objects. Would use for locating bookmarked items and POI with gps, camera and map. Would allow for compass heading and distance to selected item plus include horizon line. Can anyone recomend any tutorials or extensions?


I don’t know about any Extensions or Tutorials for AR but you could overlay a sprite on the camera with help of device compass and gps.

Looking into this type of application: Built in in TAKGeoCam - YouTube allowing for IMU, GPS and camera fov to determine location of user or placement of objects within environment.

SurfaceView looks like it should work for simple lines and graphics but still curious if Unity Game Engine could be used to further advanced graphics (example: Vuforia) for realtime graphics with larger models for potential outdoor gaming usage.

Could Unity be integrated within kodular app so when a specific page is opened then; Unity would open full screen in either a separate app or within page?