AR kids -cartoon app, 1k+ downloads on google play

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AR Kids

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This is a cartoon app. Where users can watch cartoons, movies and also can read books and play games. I used google sheets as a data storage.


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Please rate my app. I am not professional so I need your opinion and suggestions.

Thank you all


Are you calling from any api ? , please mention which api
Nice app grid view is professional

@Navneet_Jaiswal, I am using Google app script API. ( own build )

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Did you have permission from the owners of the cartoons to share them in this way?

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No, I don’t have :frowning_face: :frowning_face:… But my client looking for that.

Your client could really get in trouble for that.

Yeah. I told him

Ar Kids
In this new version, we moved our database from google sheets to the Mysqli database and now we use PHP API for the app.

Also thanks to all and the Kodular community.
We riched 1k+ downloads on google play.

App link:

Send me your comment to improve the app.

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