Arabic language airtable how to fix?

Where should I put the decode block, I use the ((( :broken_heart:Arabic))) language to raise questions to Airtable, can anyone help me?

aia admin app :
ADMINY.aia (4.8 KB)

image airtable data : :disappointed_relieved:

It would be easier to call colums instead of rows. Also note that if you leave empty rows or emty cells in airtable you won’t be able to get data

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I tried using these blocks as well and it didn’t work

Also in your app there is block to get cell/column, but you have added after getting the cell/column block

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Is there a solution using the previous blocks, I tried a lot but could not find a way to get values ​​without using spreadsheet got column !!

If I understand correctly this is the admin app and will be used to add new questions to your quiz. Where do you want to show values after adding a new question ?

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Yes, that’s right, I want to upload data from the ADMIN APP to the Airtable database

Ok then you have to use decode block to users app in order to see arabic language.

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Yes, I think I did this, but the problem is not solved, should I add a block?

Do you mean the decode block should be added to the OFFICIAL QUIZ APP ? Why, but the Arabic language also did not appear when I uploaded the data from admin app to Airtable

You won’t be able to see arabic letters in airtable, that is what I’m trying to explain, only encoded data (looks like garbage). In the OFFICIAL QUIZ APP you will use decode block in order your users to see arabic language.

Get colum you should not to test in admin app. If not, after adding questions,for testing purpose you can use get and got block

See an example I added with admin app a question, using Greek lanquage

In User’ App I get data using columns


Thank you so much. I will try when the electricity comes back. I understand from this that no block should be added to the admin app only encode block right? ???

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I believe no since the only thing that you do is to add questions to database


Thank you very much, the method worked, at the moment I will use the Airtable application on the mobile phone because it provides fast typing without errors. Until this issue will be resolved in the next updates :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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